Heirloom Veils of San Antonio

Memories to Last for Generations

My Story

In 2010, I decided to start Heirloom Veils of San Antonio after having gone shopping for wedding dresses and veils with my daughter. While the veils available were beautiful, they did not seem to be very well made, especially considering the price.

It was a cinch that my daughter was not going to use my "70s" wedding attire, so I thought another way to contribute to her special day would be to create a one-of-a-kind veil to go with her dress.  I used crystals and pearls from necklaces belonging to her grandmother and great-grandmother.  The result was a beautiful cathedral length veil with a family connection that I hope she can pass on to her daughters.

While dress styles can change dramatically over the years, veils are more likely to span the decades and be as relevant in twenty years as now.

I work from my home and am available to meet during the weekday or evenings and weekends.  

I would love to help design the perfect veil, or other headpiece, to go with your perfect dress.  

If you don't have family jewelry to use, I can still use vintage pieces to create your custom piece.

Please call or email me and we can set up an appointment at your convenience